Human Conditions

by Candy Lee

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released March 27, 2014


all rights reserved



Candy Lee Fayetteville, Arkansas

Candy Lee is an award winning, "golden voiced" singer/songwriter who combines her love for folk, jazz, and indie music to create her own original style. The first thing you'll notice when you hear Candy Lee is her voice- timeless, entrancing, and ethereal. She Lee pulls you in with her sweet, catchy melodies and moving music, but it is her smart, creative lyrics that deserve a second listen. ... more

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Track Name: All Life IS
All life is. All life is. All life is beautiful.
All life is. All life is. All life is sorrowful.
We laugh and we cry, in this position.
We live and we die, in the human condition

All life is. All life is. All life is beautiful.
All life is. All life is. All life is sorrowful.

‘Cause we are complex beings
with logic and reason, and irrational feelings.
All life is. All life is. All life is beautiful.
All life is. All life is. All life is sorrowful.
All life is. All life is. All life is what it is.
Track Name: Parables and Metaphors
I think you misunderstood me.
I'm sorry if my poetry led you astray.
When I speak in parables and metaphors,
it's only for the fact that it's hard to talk about these kinds of things.
Don't take me literally. Literally.

Oh, the perils of language.
How can we understand if it's the only way we know how to communicate reality?
We get lost in the symbols, but it isn't that simple.
Don't stare at my finger when I point at what's in front of me.

Spirit, who can tell me what it is?
Is it a ghost, or a host, somewhere out there in the clouds or in the ether? I think it's neither.
When I think of God, I think of that which cannot be explained, or named, or given a face or a brain.
It simply exists, like the life force within us and everything.
Experiencing what is to be. What it is to be.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock the written or spoken word. But it is important we watch what we put in a box, according to structured verbiage. 'Cause sometimes, often times, words divide, when they have a deeper meaning than they seem to on the surface

Track Name: Tradition
She grew up in a sleepy town where everyone shared the same ambition.
She was smart. They said she could do anything she wanted to,
inside tradition.
So quiet. So shy.
She never stood up for herself.
So quiet. So shy.
She always lived for someone else.

He grew up in so many towns where nobody even payed attention.
He was smart. He said he could do anything we wanted to,
forget tradition.
So brave. So sure.
He always stood up for himself.
So brave. So sure.
He never tried to be anything else.

And then he opened her eyes to all the beauty and mystery of life.
He said that she could create her own life guiding light.
Create her own life guiding light.
Track Name: Bang My Drum
You've burned your last bridge with me. I hope you can swim.
If this is a game to you, it's one you'll never win.
'Cause my heart is not a toy.
And it's bleeding as it's breaking for you, boy.
Oh, you'll drown. Oh you’ll drown in your own misery.
Oh, you'll drown, you’ll drown in your own sea.
In your own, oh oh oh.

And so I shake my head with anger
from all the times you did me wrong.
My frustration's rising, but I don't want to get violent.
But I've gotta beat something, so I guess I'll just bang my drum.

And so I'm banging my drum, and I'm banging it loud.
I'm banging my drum, and I'm banging it out.
I'm banging my drum, and I'm banging it loud.
I'm banging my drum and I'm banging it out.

Don't come swimming back to me, and don't try to boat.
This island's a fortress now, and it's gates are closed.
'Cause there's a permanent dent in the head of my drum from beating it way too loud and way too long.
And it's a constant reminder of how you make me feel.
And it's best if you just leave me alone.


I'm glad I have musical energy as therapy. I'm glad I have vibrations to comfort me. I'm glad I can express the way I feel through rhythm and time, and that's why, and that’s why…
Track Name: Change
Oh, the stagnant air of the summer,
with all it's humidity is starting to get to me.
Burning me up, and boiling my blood.
I'm bound to irrupt, if things go on this way.

Because I'm ready. I’m ready. I said I’m ready for the seasons to change.
I'm ready. I’m ready. I said I’m ready for the seasons to change.

Well, I've been sweating, dancing on this hot pavement for far too long.
It was exciting at first, but now I'm fearing the worst.
I'm ready for the autumn breeze to blow my way,
and take me away to a cooler place


I'm tired of all the same old things,
give me some color give me a change of scenery, please.
I'm tired of all the same old things,
give me some color give me a change of scenery, please.
I'm ready, I am ready, I am. I'm ready. I'm ready I am. I’m ready...
I’m ready for a death and resurrection,
an end to the old life and on to perfection.
Ready to kill the slave, so I can be the master,
destroy the caste and reveal the finished plaster.
Ready to shake the dead leaves so the green can sprout anew,
pass through the dark of night, and reveal the morning due,
be like the snake and shed my old skin,
'cause I'm just itching for a new phase to begin…

Track Name: Alone
What do I have to do
to get it through to you
that women don't want you
to come on so strong?
You might get some that way,
but the very next day,
you'll awkwardly part ways
and never see her again.

Are you looking for love, or just someone to ooh, ah, do you wan't to end up alone?
Alone. Alone. Alone.

A real woman can't be picked up at a bar.
And if you hit on her, you won't get very far.
'Cause she's just stopping in,
to hear some music,
or maybe have a drink,
but she's not getting wasted.

She won't go home with you.
She doesn't want to be used.
She'd rather go home alone.
Alone. Alone. Alone.
Track Name: Time
Oh, the innocent laugh of a child.
Is there anything more beautiful,
more worth a smile?
Well, I know, I know, we've all gotta grow up someday.
But I'm not, no I'm not, no I'm not, I'm not in a hurry.

I don't want to lose my sense of wonder.
I don't want to lose my joy.
I want to hang on to my fascination
with the world that I have not yet explored.

Well, It's my birthday coming up again soon.
Another year older, but another year wiser too.
But I don't want to go back in time, no.
I don't need to re-live that life.
I like how much I've learned and how far I've come.
But I feel like I'm running out of time.

I don't want to lose my motivation.
I don't want to lose my hope.
I don't want to be ruled by my obligations.
Want to believe in myself and be bold.
Track Name: Beautiful Day
It's a beautiful day.
The sun is smiling my way and I say,
"Oh, what a good, gorgeous day."
Well, I just wanna go outside.
Yeah, I just wanna have a real good time.

Oh, well, I'll back the picnic basket, you bring the wine.
No need to pack the car 'cause we'll ride our bikes,
and enjoy the ride. Just take our time.
Yeah, enjoy the ride.
Enjoy this beautiful life.

Oh, well, I'll wear my swimming suit,
you wear your trunks.
We could stop by the lake
and have lots of fun,
swimming around and splashing around.
Nothing to do but be in the here and now

It's a beautiful day.
The sun is smiling my way and I say,
"Oh, what a good, gorgeous day."
Well, I just wanna go outside.
Yeah, I just wanna have a real good time.

It doesn't matter what we do,
as long as I get to spend time with you.
We could be climbing trees, or chasing butterflies.
We could be walking, holding hands,
or lying down staring into each other's eyes.

I will cherish these moments while they're here. I will cherish these moments I hold so dear. (3x)
Track Name: Anyway
Dear Mother,
I'm sorry that I haven't been
the daughter I wish I would have been.
It's not that I don't love you.
I want to make you proud,
but all the choices that I've made always seemed to let you down.

And So, what can I do? So what can I say?
Even though I've made a lot of mistakes, I still love you anyway.

Dear Father,
forgive me for the distance.
Please know that i
t's not in avoidance.
It's not that I don't love you.
I want to be around.
I never meant to leave you.
I just had to leave town.
Oh, you know I had to leave town.

And so, what can I do? So, what can I say?
Even though we live in different places, I still love you anyway.

And I'm so glad that we made it through
those awful teenage years when I thought I hated you.
And I'm so glad now I understand
when I was trying to get you off my back, you were the only ones who had it!

The gap that resides from the changing of the times is not enough to divide us.
No, there's something that I can't explain with my mind- a bond love provides us.
And I have to say I love you dearly.
And I appreciate all that you've done for me.
And I have to say I love you dearly.
And I appreciate all that you've done for me.

And so, one day,
when I have children of my own,
I'll remember
just how much we've grown.
I'll pass through all the heartaches
of each stage anew,
and hope that I can be as good of parents as you.

And so, what can I do? So, what can I say?
Even though everything isn't perfect, I still love you all the way.
Track Name: My Friend
Well, I just wanna say to you that I appreciate the things you do.
And my hope is someday that you will feel the same way about me too.
'Cause I'm here as your friend, and I'll always have your back when you need it.
And the only payment that I'll ever need is this love from you that I am feeling.

Oh, my friend. Ooooh

Whenever I am feeling down, you always help me turn it all around.
You lead me to that silver lining when I cannot seem to find it myself.
I don't' know what I would do, if I didn't have you to see me through the hard times.
You shake me from that place, and put a smile on my face. And suddenly I start to feel fine.

Oh, my friend.

We don't have to go do anything.
We can just sit and enjoy each other's company.
'Cause I can have a good time, just hearing what's on your mind.
And I know I'll be alright, as long as you are by my side.
Oh, if we have to part, you'll always be in my heart.
And when we see each other again, we'll just pick up where we left off.

Oh, my friend.

F is for the fun times that we have
R is for the realness that we share.
I is for the indescribable feeling that I get when you E,
when you ease my troubled mind,
brings me to N and I hope that it never never ends,
‘cause I D, I dedededededede- do,
I do, I love you, my dear, my dear, my dear friend.

Track Name: Broken Branches
Broken Branches

There's a tree in the woods, strong and tall.
And its branches rise above the rest of them all.
And its leaves catch the sunlight and cause it to grow
ever larger, but in its shadow, no other trees can grow.
Well, the tree did well, until the storm,
when the lightning fell down from the sky above.

Broken branches (3x) all around. Broken branches (3x) on the ground.

There's a creature on the earth, evolved but dumb.
Increasing in numbers, but stuck in a rut.
Ignorant to it's surroundings, distracted by itself.
Sacrificing other life to power and wealth.
Well, the creature did well 'til it threw off the balance,
and its carelessness became its own demise


Years went by and the tree survived,
and the trees around it flourished.
They grew high as they caught sunlight,
and their roots below were nourished
from the broke down, broken branches.

And, so it goes, this beautiful, horrible cycle.
Life feeds on life, and so some must die,
but it's time for a cut back and regrowth.
And regrow and regrow, so we grow, so we grow.
Yeah, we grow, oh we grow, together we grow (2x)

Can't you see that it's all connected. Please, don't disrespect it.
I can see that it's all connected. I'm gonna respect it. (2x)
And, so what's to become of the creature?
Only the creature can decide.
Will it learn from its mistakes and only take
what it needs, before it runs out of time?

Track Name: Music Flows
Music Flows

Sometimes, I just can't find
the words to sing.
But I feel compelled
to sing something.
And so I, and so I open up my voice box and mouth,
and let the music flow through, and flow out.

And oh, how the music flows, if you just let go. (2x)

Sometimes I wanna dance,
but I don't know the steps.
But the energy inside of me is moving.
And so I take a deep breath and forget who I am,
'cause the God inside of me is grooving and dancing…


Music is a powerful force. If anything is magic, music is.
'Cause it can change your mood, and mind, and perspective,
connect us, and lift our spirits.
So, I don't wanna hear that you can't do it.
Don't you dare tell me that you're too shy.
'Cause anybody can make music.
All you gotta do is let go, let go and try

Track Name: Ozark Hills
Ozark Hills

I've been some places. I've lived a few lives.
Seen so many faces. Driven the road for thousands of miles.
I've seen so much beauty and heard so many songs.
But the Ozark Hills enchant me still, and call me back home.

I'm heading out to the trails. Follow me.
We'll climb the rocks up to the top, up to the peak.
You can see for miles and miles, a rolling forest, a sea of green.
Who needs the ocean, with such a beautiful scene?

Sing to me sweetly, oh, the green mountains that move.
Sing to me sweetly, oh, the rivers that flow through.
Sing to me your melodies, a symphony of sounds.
While I bask in the sacredness and beauty all around.
Ozark Hills, enchant me still. Ozark Hills call me back home.

You can hear the wind whistle through the leaves in the trees.
Hear the water flowing o'er the rocks in the streams.
Hear the birds sing up above, the bull frogs below.
Their song is ancient, and came before us, I know…


Oh, there's a reason there's so much music in the towns that surround, and in the valleys below. Oh, you can feel it. It's so amazing! How it flows down from the mountain and into your soul (2x)


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